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Best-in-class Expert QC software from LAQC ...

LAQC-EQC™ Expert QC Software

LAQC-EQC™ is a user-friendly interactive expert system that helps front-line laboratory staff select QC rules, reduce unnecessary repeats and make meaningful QC decisions. LAQC-EQC™ creates graphical color-coded representations of accuracy and precision illustrating performance relative to target values and error limits for several departments or groups of affiliated laboratories. Interactive modules assist with problem solving and decision-making.

LAQC-EQC™ Helps Bench Technologists: LAQC-EQC™ Helps Lab Managers: LAQC-EQC™ Helps Lab Or Hospital Administrators:

Key Benefits

Powerful Reports (examples)


"We have successfully implemented and benefited from the Quality Control Management System for over 3 years. It allowed us to automate, centralize, standardize and improve all our QC processes as well as minimize QC cost and improve QC understanding in all our laboratories. The system satisfies all our QC needs and can be easily tailored to different QC management levels in any laboratory of any size."

Jeff Sumner
Chief Scientific Officer
Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories, a partnership with LabCorp