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Our vision is to expand our business by creating a multi-industry Quality Management Internet Portal. This will be a centralized quality communication and expert resource centre. Through this portal LAQC will offer new software modules, new quality concepts, independent bench-marking and provide total quality management on-line. 


LAQC is an innovative technology company that develops and licenses software platforms and educational products that increase understanding, reduce costs, simplify management and improve outcomes in medical laboratories.  We provide niche products and services to simplify statistical interpretation in quality management.  Our software products simplify quality management on a global scale and provide a stand-alone software program, integrated to Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) or diagnostic instruments and as a service on the Internet. LAQC’s unique software converts data to information and uses standard and customized algorithms to recommend appropriate action. 

Products and Services

LAQC currently provides software, training, software support and customization to clinical laboratories and diagnostic companies.  The company’s proprietary software, “LAQC-DQC™” (Daily QC), assesses individual results from daily QC that is interactively linked to “LAQC-EQC™” (Expert QC) through “LAQC-AL™” (Automated Link). Our suite of products converts statistical data to graphical information and provides expert advice on appropriate action to maintain testing processes within quality specifications. Essentially, computerized algorithms monitor performance indicators and signal appropriate action to the instrument operator. This software suite provides advancements in quality management.  The ability to automate much of the QC process and provide centralized consolidation of QC performance provide many advantages in efficiency and effectiveness to clinical laboratories.  The improvements in quality performance and savings in time and consumables with our system are well documented. The software is completely proprietary and uses several software protection methodologies in addition to copyright protection. 


"We have successfully implemented and benefited from the Quality Control Management System for over 3 years. It allowed us to automate, centralize, standardize and improve all our QC processes as well as minimize QC cost and improve QC understanding in all our laboratories. The system satisfies all our QC needs and can be easily tailored to different QC management levels in any laboratory of any size."

Jeff Sumner
Chief Scientific Officer
Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories, a partnership with LabCorp